Eemshaven: Data Center Location in Europe

Eemshaven has all facilities needed to support a reliable data center operation. The energy abundance in Eemshaven is second to none in Europe: over 8,000 MW in a broad power mix is available at close range of the dedicated data center business park. Google, the world’s largest Internet-search provider, builds a huge data center in Eemshaven. Even the largest of Europe.

Dataport Eemshaven

Eemshaven has all the facilities needed to guarantee the reliability required for data centers. Nowhere in Europe there is so much energy available as in Eemshaven: over 8,000 MW. There is ample space as well and the region has excellent connections with internet hubs in both Amsterdam and Hamburg.
Space; greenfield business locations
Excellent fiber connections
Steady wind force for free cooling
Reliable power supply
An abundance of (green) energy available
Well-connected energy infrastructure

Google: why Eemshaven?

Google invests about € 600 million in a energy efficient data center in Eemshaven.

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Ideal location for data centers
300+ MW windpower; 8,000 MW energy production in total
882 acres greenfield available (269 acres for data centers)
Investments amount 7 billion euro (including Google)
Logistic hub in offshore wind industry
Another 300+ MW windpower in planning

Follow the energy and find your way to Eemshaven.


Eemshaven has several large power stations as well as several high-voltage and medium-voltage stations, which provide a guaranteed energy supply. There are three operational power stations: the gas-fuelled power stations of Engie (Eemscentrale) and Nuon/Vattenfall (Magnum power station) and RWE/Essent’s new powdercoal & biomass power station. Besides power stations, other forms of energy are also available. Electricity from a Norwegian hydroelectric power station is transported to the Netherlands by means of the NorNed undersea highvoltage cable, whilst Norway is able to buy electricity from the Netherlands by using the same cable. A large converter station has been built in Eemshaven for this purpose. Advanced plans are in place for NorNed 2 and an undersea cable to Denmark – the COBRA cable – which would transport electricity from wind energy – is under construction. Gemini, in which the Canadian Northland Power has a big share, has also built a landfall point of 600 MW for electricity that is generated by wind energy in the North Sea. And the share of offshore wind energy in Eemshaven will increase in future, because thousands of wind turbines are planned in the North Sea close to the Eemshaven.


Green Dataport Eemshaven is situated in the middle of the largest wind park on Dutch soil. Eemshaven hosts close to 100 wind turbines located each with a capacity of 3 MW. Senvion added 2 turbines of 6 MW existing turbines in the port and 2-B Energy developed a 6 MW turbine as well in Eemshaven. Next to that Eneco’s Windpark Delfzijl Noord, consisting of 19 windturbines from 3.3 MW each, is operational. All these turbines add a significant amount of sustainable energy to the power mix and it is expected that the share of wind energy will increase in the near future creating business opportunities for your Power Purchase Agreement. Moreover Eneco and RWE/Essent use 1.5 million tons of biomass every year to make green energy.


The data center market is characterised by a demand for extremely reliable power supply. Many energy producers have already established themselves in Eemshaven or are in the process of doing so, which enables Groningen Seaports to meet a reliable power demand and present itself as a highly attractive location for data centers. The region offers an excellent energy grid with a lot of power stations in the area. The average availability of the Dutch energy grid over the last five years accounted to 99,9943%. This incredibly high percentage is even higher in Eemshaven, due to the excellent connections.

Follow the energy and plug into your opportunities in Eemshaven.
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Green Dataport Eemshaven provides a guaranteed green energy supply, large electrical power capacity, several large power stations and several high voltage and medium voltage stations. Green Dataport Eemshaven has a landingstation of a global fiber optic submarine cable network, a dark fiber connection to Hamburg Internet Exchange, a hub for broadband connectivity, direct peering and inter-connection.

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