Ideal location for data centers
700 acres greenfield available
Investments amount 6 billion euro
Logistic hub in offshore wind industry
276 MW windpower; 8,000 MW energy production in total

Energy is one of the most promising sectors for Eemshaven. A large part of Eemshaven has been earmarked for the development of energy-related industry: Energy Park Eemshaven. In a few years Eemshaven will account for the production of more than 8,000 MW of energy, more than enough to supply half of the Netherlands with electricity! That makes it the Energy Port of the Netherlands, and perhaps even of Northwest Europe!


The availability of electricity is an absolute priority. A data center uses a considerable amount of energy for equipment and cooling, and requires the availability of enough energy and a robust energy infrastructure. Eemshaven has several large power stations as well as several high-voltage and medium-voltage stations, which provide a guaranteed energy supply.


Soon Eemshaven will have three operational stations – the gas-fuelled power station of Engie (Eemscentrale), the gas-fuelled Magnum power station of Nuon/Vattenfall and RWE/Essent’s new power station. Besides power stations, other forms of energy are also available in Eemshaven.

Electricity from a Norwegian hydroelectric power station is transported to the Netherlands by means of the NorNed undersea high-voltage cable, whilst Norway is able to buy electricity from the Netherlands by using the same cable. A large converter station has been built in Eemshaven for this purpose. Advanced plans are in place for NorNed 2 and for an undersea cable to Denmark – the COBRA cable – which would transport electricity from wind energy. Gemini has also built a landfall point in Eemshaven for electricity that is generated by wind energy in the North Sea.


In recent years 88 enormous wind turbines have been built in Eemshaven, each with a capacity of 3MW, a shaft height of ± 100 and a tip height of ± 140 metres. Wind park Westereems (52 wind turbines) is the biggest wind park on Dutch soil. This existing arsenal of wind turbines has recently been expanded with the construction of 3 6MW turbines, which herald the arrival of a new generation of wind turbines.


Eemshaven boosts 276 MW wind power, 8,000 MW energy production in total and is the logistics hub in offshore wind industry. Do you need energy? Please contact business manager Robert van Tuinen (+31 6-22243300) or Maarten Barthel (+31 6-31651984).


business manager energy- & dataport
Phone: +31 (0)62 224 3300

business manager energy & IT
Phone: +31 (0)63 165 1984

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